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This site was not set up by a political party or business interest group - just by a small group of ordinary people in the city.

We were looking for straightforward answers to we thought at first were very simple questions.

But we found councillors unable to help, sometimes because they didn't know the answers, (sometimes because they were gagged by the Council's own lawyers from telling us them(!) sometimes because they were supplied with answers from officials that were simply at odds with the facts we could see around us.

Eventually we established this site simply to make sure a record

OPEN LETTER - New Concerns regarding air pollution in Edinburgh

An Open Letter that sets out new scientific evidence linking air pollution to illnesses like dementia, Alzheimer's Disease and Parkinsonism.

Sent to Edinburgh Council.

The only way is up

The last few days have seen another avalanche of good news about the tram on it's first anniversary.

From all sides, executives and elected councillors, the song has been the same..focussing on passengers numbers up on expectations, passenger satisfaction and the tram being exceeding exceed revenue targets by 3%.

The missing link is the usual absence of any context for the figures. The Council officers and their media communications experts send out the releases and the councillors wave them through without comment.

But if anyone who may read this happens to bump into a councillor below are

Clean air became an election issue today

Clean air became an election issue today... everywhere except Edinburgh Council. 

In 2003 our Council miscalculated that air pollution wasn't important enough to pay attention to, when they ignored the fact that (weird but true)  their tram vanity plan would make pollution in the city worse..... not better..

They ignored it most probably because they felt an already controversial project with a high ticket price would become impossible to schmooze past the public if the real costs of dealing with the increase became known.(If that was not the reason then it's hard to imagine what it could

TWO air pollutant graphs from Scottish environmental stats 2014

Graphs for PM10s and NO2 levels 1993 to 2103 in Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Glasgow.

Edinburgh's figures have a disconnect in 2003 and emerge (after the device was moved that year) far lower, and as a result inconsistent in the information they provide.

Facts do matter -- Quick quiz, answers provided

Q1: What connects the United States of America's Environmental Protection agency in Washington DC and the United Nation's Aarhus Convention Compliance Committee based in Geneva?

Q2:  What are PM2.5s? [Answer Hint: click here to see the USA's epa one page summary on what PM2.5s are and how dangerous they are :) ]

Q3 Read this table measuring PM10s in Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Glasgow and spot the glaring anomaly. (click here to see table for PM10s)

Q4: Our credibility gap video on this website Home Page (click to see)  .. do the council still deny that it is true, that we were right and they

Don't build schools ON busy roads ever again say experts.. but Edinburgh Council sends the busy road TO our schools

One tram fact and two pollution facts:

The first of these is counter factual, and the 2nd two take some swallowing at first sight--but that does not make them wrong, and all three are true.

This map...created from Edinburgh Council's own data

Fool all of the people All of the time....

Parallels between the disatrous history of TIE Ltd and what is happening inside Lothian Buses and Transport for Edinburgh

mortality effects air pollution

Public Health data estimating mortality rates due to particulate matter pollution.

Page 20 shows the Scottish statistics..Edinburgh is the worst mean level for PM2.5 

The deaths attributable each year are 205 with a total of lost life years of 2,269 every year.

Edinburgh Council policies don't only turn a blind eye to increasing this pollution---- they cause increases, and pretend not to understand the seriousness of the effects.