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DEFRA's sign of the times on air quality


At the heart of the objections to the tram project as presently being pushed through is the beleif that in order to keep the project in any sort of form in the teeth of a whirlwind of managagement and financial problems, the council have attempted to turn a blind eye to what could be the most serious problem of all---the effects on public health of the increases in traffic created pollution caused by the need of this project to empty all roads along which it runs.

This link connects to an article in Air Quality news where the government department in charge of environmental matters are calling on Councils to show far greater openeness when presenting air quality data and information-

This call has been at the heart of the Residents Group long running objection to the scheme.

Just because the news may be bad for the 'project' it cannot be suppressed---or presented in way which ordinary people cannot understand, which amounts to the same thing.

In internal emails the Council's head of scientific Services is saying it is possible the the pollution levels ALREADY exceed EU set limits and are still rising---- as the artcile shows perhaps it's about time he started saying it in public.