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108-Worse than Road accidents, worse than passive smoking





  1. What takes a greater toll each year than road traffic accidents—at least five times as great?
  2. What takes a greater toll than passive smoking each year – at least three times as great?

The answer to both questions is PM 2.5 -- Particulate Matter 2.5

There is no argument about this, it is a fact produced by the Institute of Occupational Medicine and based on nationally available statistics.

  • FACT:PM2.5 is one class of pollutants created by many sources, traffic is overwhelmingly the major cause in Edinburgh, there are many; PM10s and NO2 (Nitrogen Dioxide) with PM2.5s are the three most commonly measured.
  • FACT:Edinburgh Council until recently did not measure PM2.5-10 pollution or publish figures for levels in the city.
  • FACT Edinburgh Council’s own figures show well over 85% of all NO2 pollution in the city comes from traffic
  • FACT:Edinburgh Council doesn’t reveal how many people it believes die from the effects of airborne pollutants each year—in London it is 4,500 people.

An unseen menace is still a menace


                                              -click to see the video

This film is a graphic illustration of the fact that passive smoking exposes people to far greater effects from invisible gases than from the visible smoke.

This is not a film by our group it is a UK government safety film produced with advice from UK government scientists and experts.

FACT: The pollutants from traffic are far less visible than cigarette pollution.

FACT:The pollutants from traffic are expected to be THREE times more lethal in terms of the total years of life lost to people exposed in the next century than passive smoking – see chart above.

FACT: The pollutants are expected to be almost FIVE times more lethal in terms of lost life years than the deaths and life shortening effects of all RTAs…road traffic accidents – see chart above.

FACT:Edinburgh Council are the only Council we know of in Europe, who are engaged in a major Civil engineering initiative where the effects of traffic created pollution are known to be worsened by the project they are pursuing

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