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release 49- Top Lib-Dem call--Stop The tram now

  • Objectors welcome statement by top Lib-Dem candidate in the battleground marginal constituency of Edidinburgh Central as he says about the Tram project:


  • “I wish to see no more time or money wasted on this ill fated project.”


The fast growing group of residents and traders battling to prevent the Tram project being railroaded through despite health, traffic and business fears have welcomed the clear statement by Alex Cole-Hamilton Lib-Dem candidate for the marginal Edinburgh centre constituency calling for the City to halt the project and instead spend the money on ‘one of the best bus networks in Europe. “


“In answer to you question as to where I stand on the trams project. I used to be a tram enthusiast but over time, and the problems that you have laid out, that enthusiasm has deserted me. 
I wish to see no more time or money wasted on this ill fated scheme. We have one of the best bus networks in Europe and I would much rather see investment and support for improving that rather than a scheme which has caused pollution, traffic chaos and business closure.”


This of course matches exactly the views of the objectors groups throughout the last two years, now presently working in their spare time onthree workshops designed to produce workable proposals to present to the Council and to Tie, to prevent the project spoiling the health, lives and livelihoods of people in the City.


One of the residents Alistair Laing,a former prominent Civil Engineer, said: “Mr Cole-Hamilton has clearly stated that he realises the time has come to grasp the nettle and call a halt to a project that lives on only through the inertia and vested interests of those still in  charge.”


“In specifically mentioning that it is the ‘caused pollution, traffic chaos and business closure’ that has led to his ‘tram enthusiasm’ deserting him, some may try and brand his call, to finally recognise reality and slam on the brake, as a U turn, but when the runaway train, or Tram, is heading at full speed for the collapsed bridge a U turn is probably the best option, and recognising this reality definitely the right decision.”


“I know the residents fighting the tram project also share his view that the City already has one of the best public transport bus networks in Europe and this should be supported, rather than partially dismantled by people desperately wanting to justify one of the worst Tram Projects in the World.”



Dr Ashley Lloyd,another prominent objector whose work first uncovered the scope of the alarming potential health effects from the project created pollution, said: “I felt it was significant and encouraging that Mr Alex Hamilton-Cole immediately identified both traffic chaos and the pollution it causes as key reasons to change his views---our message throughout has been that the health of people must always come first and of course that has to be non negotiable.”


“Whether it is the health of 25 people or the 250,000 plus shown in their own initial planning documents, is immaterial. But the fact that their own key 2003 appraisal showed that over 250,000 people  would see worse air quality as a result of the so called ‘Tram wider issues’, is rightly proving just too large a fact be to ignored .”


“I am hopeful now that Mr Cole-Hamilton’s statement, coming from someone in the same party that at the Council level is most closely associated with the project signals a real change of mind and heralds a long awaited change of mind by politicians now ready to retake proper control of the project.”


“We would like to issue an invitation to Mr Cole-Hamilton to attend the next workshop and see for himself the work being done right now by ordinary people totally in agreement with his vision for public transport.