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From mad to worse


Edinburgh council 's attempt to win their own city festival's comedy award is picking up pace.

The self satire of the tram joyrides followed quickly by the side splitter dropped into the 2nd last paragraph of this recent story shows the spin-writers haven't lost their sense of humour since last August's critically acclaimed revue led by the now disbanded theatrical group the 'LibDems': ' On time and on Budget'.

This years production also features an entry in the slapstick award, after news that tram wheels, that might have squealed excrutiatingly because the corners into and out of some streets are too tight , will have bottles of oil that will squirt onto the wheels as they go into a corner.  

This rib tickler isn't the end of it because after the wheels have been oiled the tram wheels might have started slipping on uphill climbs after the corner, but to avoid this sand will then be dropped on the track ahead of them.  

Both Mr Laurel (at the Edinburgh tram oiled wheels dept) and Mr Hardy (At the sanded rails department of the Edinburgh tram) are up for the joint award for this one

The revue ends with a Monty Python style ending as the Council leaders line up to sing: "talks will begin early next year over possible extensions for the project, which is already running five years late and is going to cost at least twice the original budget.":


  • " I laughed till I realised I was expected to pay for it all for the next 30 years" - an Edinburgh Tax payer
  • " It's a gravy train that will just keep on rolling." - Tram industry insiders
  • " It's on time and on budget' Lib Dem spokesman
  • "We never voted for it and would have cancelled it had we been in power---- oh! we have been for five years!" -- SNP spokesman
  • "You couldn't make it up!" - Lewis Carroll
  • "Yes we can!! -- Edinburgh Council