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The air that we breathe...


This 2011 data table shows the latest available position in respect of air quality figures in Great Stuart Street and St Colme Street..

Air quality levels are important not only because air pollution  causes illnesses and death, but they are also important because they act as a concrete and measurable indicator of the other effects of rising traffic levels in terms  noise, danger and sheer degredation to the living environment.  

We believe that many years ago the council  realised what the effects of the demands of the tram on road space would be.  

But for a variety of reasons they felt they had no alternative but to allow this traffic to be decanted down residential streets. 

Nor is this just a few streets like those on this document  because the Council's own documents have shown as many as 139,500 households in Edinburgh, where 300,000 people live would have worse air quality...more traffic at their doors... with the tram, than if it had not been built.

It has been dishonest of the Council over a number of years to have never made clear to people the sheer size and scale of the traffic displacement caused by their design of tram, but to instead have tried to manage this and rely on obfuscation, denial and policy by stealth.

The head of scientific services Dr Mackie has said in emails to colleagues (elsewhere on this site) that IF he re-calibrated the figures using 'the distance factor the Resident's advocate' should be used, and/or using the National Bias factor, equally acceptable as thel locally derived one used by his department, that changing either of these elements could mean we are already seeing levels above those EU statutory limits.

The refusal to countenance any truly open debate or face up to the true facts is corroding the authority of the Council and it's councillors in the eyes of the mass of the people of the city.  If this continues it can only lead to greater disasters than those that have already occurred.