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How we can put it right

It is not true to say the Tram project is over and nothing can be changed.

Or all we can do is move on and put it all behind us.

But before anything  CAN be done the very FIRST STEP needs to be a complete change of heart by those in charge.

They have to start facing facts, not repeatedly burying them.  

Repeated attempts to open up the debate have been met with the reworking of official denials made many times previously that no problem exists, ignoring a century of traffic management in which vehicles have been progressively separated from places where people live, and directed to purpose built main through routes---not as is happening in Edinburgh where over 65% of the homes in the city will receive increased pollution ---because traffic is being re-routed FROM now blocked main routes like the Shandwick Place/Princes Street one, down more and more streets where people live.

'More and more' because the designated route from the west side through Great Stuart Street onto Queens Street and out East towards Leith and the A1 can't take the traffic effectively, and already drivers of all sorts of vehicles are choosing rat runs and new roundabout routes to avoid the congestion, which is no longer temporary, tram work related as the Council have maintained for a number of years to neutralise criticism of the project, but as is increasingly clearl, and as we have said for years, the congestion is a permanent feature of the 'new normal' across the city.

This problem has to be recognised AND admitted before there is any prospect of anything being done.