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Residents have the audacity to oppose the council's bid to deprive them of their local park. Not surprisingly, Edinburgh city council officers and their flock of sheep - otherwise known as councillors - don't like that.

So they dream up a cunning plan to silence those pesky protestors - pursue them for legal fees and costs of £75,000 incurred in shutting them up. That should scare those uppity ordinary citizens into giving up the fight.

But they don't want the public to think they're using bullyboy tactics, so tell them it's to "protect the council taxpayer from further expense."

Disregard the minor matter of the many millions of pounds the council has squandered on a useless tram project that has brought the city to its knees, driven away tourists and shoppers, wrecked businesses and left the city's council taxpayers with a bill we'll spend the rest of our lives trying to pay off.

It's time the citizens of Edinburgh got shot of this council and its highly-paid, self-serving officials.