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U turn or no U turn there's no way TO turn

on Wed, 07/25/2012 - 12:21

The Edinburgh tram project and it's effect on people's lives in their homes is the upfront story but not the real story.

The fact is that making the city centre and the city as whole liveable, walkable, bicyclable is a worthwhile goal.more than that, it is admirable, praiseworthy and fine in all aspects

But in Edinburgh it is a tattered and torn bit of PR Poster billboard spin behind which is a nettle and weed infested, toxic dump reeality.

The true solution will need traffic reductions ----..BUT the commercial, retail, and business health of the city depends on cars, vans, lorries etc.

So roads have to be built to provide a managed solution to enable usto reach the desired goal.

For whatever reason the Council simply refuse to see this and so dig deeper and deeper into a bottomless pit.

At this rate we can expect to have a congestion charge that creates an impoverished and declining commercial heart AND at the same time unbelievable pollution, noise and traffic in residential streets.

The real story is that the tram is a symptom of the planning chaos as well as a product of it, but it isn't the cause of the ills and perhaps we ought to be grateful it serves to highlight the real issues that need addressing.  The primary one being that it fails because the overall planning environment, provcesses and structures in which it sits, is broken.


The paradox is that to get BOTH a city centre and the streets in which people live  greener, cleaner, safer, quieter, nicer and better the Council need to build proper arterial roads to manage the traffic displacement---- creating a picture book centre entirely at the expense of the places in which there people live, and doing this by stealth is shameful and unworthy. 

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