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Is there cognitive dissonance on a mass scale inside Edinburgh's Council

on Mon, 02/10/2014 - 21:08

a) Council know pollution is bad and should be reduced

b) Council told tram project WILL raise pollution in streets where people live--65% of the city will be worse off in terms of Particulate pollution BECAUSE of their tram plan...

c) Council build tram anyway.

d) Council spend years calling it their green project

 That's more cognitive dissonace than a piano rolling down a 200 foot staircase.

"On time and on Budget"--- We built HALF the plan for TWICE the price...including the very worst little mile or so that caused the largest part of the pollution.

We now call it a success, we call it a green project and we continue to behave as if the pollution we caused somehow isn't like the pollution in other cities and other countyries. Ours doesn't matter.


That isn't cognitive dissonace inside CEC that's a full blown institutional mental breakdown--and the only thing we can try and do is pretend it never happened.... that's classic pyschogenic amnesia, interesting to see it affect an entire city council.

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