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New Tram Tsar's job application

on Sun, 07/15/2012 - 13:45

The job application for Edinburgh's potential new tram tsar Aldo Broon has emerged on another website blog .

 Mr Broon appears motivated completely by the size of the salary, and also anticipates the possible severance deal, rather than old fashioned ideas about doing what is best for the city or the people in it and so seems completely suited to running the project as it now stands.

A candidate like Mr Broom appears as a refreshing change after the procession of previous  altruitsic but unwordly types both in Tie and the Council who have brought us to where we are now.   In a massive hole dug on borrowed debt.  His brand of hard headed, pragmatic lunacy may be what we need at this time.

This is a spoof---isn't it??!




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