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Mapping the issues- a question of trust

on Mon, 01/14/2013 - 12:45

There is a valid question asked from time to time as to exactly what it is  that the Residents want?

But the problem is that without confidence in the underlying sincerity of the Council any new initiative may just be (yet another) attempt the kick the issues into the long grass for another decade or so.

Where trust or confidence has been lost it can't be cajoled or hectored back into existence..

But, if so, then how to break the log jam and move forward?

Just admitting there are issues and valid concerns would be a start.

Stop treating Council actions in the past as if they originated in far off country of which little is known, simply because an election was held last May.  

Don't dismiss everything said in the years prior to that, as no longer any responsibility of the Council today--that because some councillors may have changed and some executives left the scene this provides an alibi for everything said and done in the Council's name before last may. 

So admitting that if  traffic creates pollution, that in turn creates illness and even premature death (and the Public Health trajectory of the last 50 years leaves nobody, not even car and engine companies arguing against this).

And that more pollution creates more effects, more illness, more deaths.

Then having a policy, whether overt of not, to displace traffic from main highway routes into residential areas is just wrong.

Without an acceptance that these maps show something that is at the very least worthy of acknowledging as a problem then there is no indication that anything has changed within the Council.

To admit there has been even a 'de facto' shadow policy of accomodating the tram project's need for exclusive use of road space without any provison to accomodate the displaced traffic safely  is obviously difficult for this Council to do, coming as it would on top of so many other confessions of previous mistakes.

But without some kind of statement there is nothing to say that any 'move forward ideas' now will be any more sincere than the ones that have gone before and we are back at that question of confidence and trust without which progress in anything is very difficult.






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