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Letter in the Herald highlights vital point about Trams not being admitted by Council

on Fri, 01/11/2013 - 18:17

An interesting letter in the Herald exposing some of the still current mistaken assumptions that the Council continue to do nothing to correct.

Especially the part played by the geometry of track needed to accomodate the very long train sets at a junction that is just about the most complicated and crucial in the city.

The writer concentrates on the effect of effectively denying the roadway to almost all traffic where Shandwick Place meets Queensferry Street, Hope Street, Lothian Road and Princes Street.

We have asked repeatedly for the projections and predictions of traffic across Edinburgh after the tram starts to run.

The effects of permanent disruptions at this junction, Haymarket, Picardy Place and others will produce effects that spread out across huge areas of the city.

We are not interested in disruption and traffic displacement that is 'because we are building it', we do realise that one can't make an omlette without breaking eggs.

But either the Council have the facts and should release them, or they don't have the facts and should say so.  The objections have never been complaints about breaking the eggs to make the omlette but leaving the oven on full and burning down the whole house.

The Council should:

  • Release the Post-tram traffic data they are working from.
  • Or - admit they have no projections or plan
  • Stop misrepresenting people who raise legitimate questions as nimbys 
  • Stop avoiding the questions....and start answering them!


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