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Let's get this delivered on time and on budget eh?!!

on Tue, 01/01/2013 - 12:05

This breaking news, of a new road project in Leith needs to be managed effectively and innovatively

Perhaps what is needed is for the Council to set up an arms length company to ensure it is delivered on time and on budget! 


Perhaps what actually needs to be done is not just build a single routeway for a solitary purpose (Where's the 'integrated transport system fit for the 21st century in that?)---simply to get big lumps of steel shipped in, welded and shipped out as even bigger white tubes and blades ---  but planning all this as part of a 'Northern relief Road' from the eventually-to-be-two, road crossings of the Forth. in order that the HGVs (and vast increases in any and all traffic)  right now being decanted 'residential streets',  can be properly accomodated within the city.

Doing that (and updating the now inadequate City Bypass) would allow the possibility of proper mitigation of the calamitous effects caused by the heedless sealing off of the cross-city sub arterial routes ither side of Haymarket and Picardy Place ---- preferable to the present impotent hand wringing of the Council.

This story proclaims that building roads is not always the evil work of a Dark building roads that puts all the traffic in it's proper place (ie away from streets where people live) those catastrophic effects detailed on this site that arise from the Tram project's misconceived design can be properly addressed and, along with otherwise laudable regeneration schemes, such as Charlotte Square, can be unreservedly welcomed.


Without this major rethink however, these projects are more likely to remain projects disfigured by stealthy compromise and cover-up. Where the publicised benefits of regeneration, jobs, and investment are always secretly being  balanced against 'a hope' that the bad effects on health, congestion, degredation of life from noise and increased traffic, somehow turn out 'okay' by our Council ---- -'dis'-integrated traffic planning of the worst kind.


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