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Hear it here---first!

on Mon, 02/04/2013 - 00:00


LATEST NEWS:  You always hear it here first

We revealed that behind the typically sunny reports of the recent Transport committee meeting (jan 15th 2013) the facts that were in the report (but strangely absent from any comment by Council Officials) were :

 Pollution UP 14% while traffic levels DOWN 5%!

In it, The Scotsman reveals that reducing traffic speed limits will increase pollution  ----  If it wasn't so serious you would have to laugh.

  • The residents fighting to open up the true costs and effects of the Tram project have been making exactly this point for almost 4 years in presentations to politicans at all levels, and to Council committee after council committee.

The problem isn't that we need to look into this issue to see if we should reduce statutory speed limits, but that in effect this reduction, and more, HAS been done by the complete closure of main roads and the displacement of traffic down residential streets.

This is a problem for people who may be miles from the Tram line of the centre of the city as traffic is being intentionally left to 'find it's own way' despite more and more of the City's main arterial routes being either completely, or largely closed, due to the requirements of the tram project.

  • This is NOT just 'While the tram works continue' as the Council wish everyone to believe, they know it is 'After the tram starts' .


FACT-- Residents predicted pollution would rise in exactly the way it is - The council still try to deny this.  

FACT -- There are well known effects of the pollutants, and only the City of Edinburgh Council (CEC) seem to deny that more pollution means more illness and deaths

FACT-- The CEC's own initial project feasability report over 200 pages (STAG2003)  told them pollution would rise- and for many years, even decades, AFTER the tram started running BECAUSE of the 'road closure-stealth displacement' effects.

FACT-- The CEC know the pollution will keep on rising even higher --and that claims of any significant 'modal' shift from car to tram are just rubbish

FACT -- The CEC know the microscopically tiny 'pollution saving' from people 'taking the tram instead of the car or bus'  will be massively outweighed many times over by the pollution created by drivers siphoned from now closed main roads into residential streets, rat runs and 'new' cross city unacknowledged makeshift routes..

FACT--- The Jan 15th report shows pollution rising even faster, even higher across  large areas of the city than was predicted in the STAG 2003 report.

FACT -- ALL Councils and Governments are concerned about this issue, but ONLY Edinburgh is pursuing a project that it KNOWS invreases pollution--all they don't know yet is exactly how awful it will eventually end up beingbe.

**(appendix 1 Transport 2030 Vision Outcome 1 on page 11, box 2 in the report for traffic stats, and Vison outcome 2 on page 12  box 11

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