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Edinburgh labelled a dump? part two

on Mon, 02/18/2013 - 21:22

The article by Prof Richard Williams in one of the world's most respected magazines has created a storm.

As ever the report in the Evening news about the ongoing storm is at least as interesting for what the comments section has to say as the report itself.

Ordinary people are not fools...not all of them, all of the time, and they can see how things have gone downhill for almost 20 years, how it isn't all going to be alright once the tram starts and the tram works stop, and can see the Council continue to flounder.

One reason for money being too tight to mention these ---one you won't read in any of the 'trumpeting success' reports ---- is the extra borrowing taken on just under two years ago to keep their show on the road from Haymarket to St Andrews Square (York Place was mysteriously added after the vote, without a vote)  that eats up £1.5 Million every MONTH (maybe more, maybe a bit less) for the next  360 months!!!***

  • Thirty years of interest repayments- and  it isn't just the cost, it's the opportunity cost of that money that will really hit all of us for everyone of those years.
  • So   everytime the Councillors lament a shortfall threat for a cherished scheme we can all measure the unavailable cash against that £1.5 Million a month.


(***  This cost is after deducting the 'operational contribution' they expect , but many contest; they'd like to call it a 'profit' but when you can't afford the mortgage, banging on about a cheaper deal on the gas and electricity)

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