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Edinburgh Council

on Fri, 05/04/2012 - 16:17

The tram is like something out of Greek Mythology or Norse's siren song beguiles, and then the hideous reality destroys.

The Leith and Newhaven Retirement home for the Bewildered and Befuddled already the final resting place for the careers and reputations of such as David 'Hell on Wheels' Mackay, Richard Jeffrey, Tom Aitchison and dear old 'tie'  is having to rearrange the chairs in the TV lounge to accept Jenny Dawe and Gordon Mackenzie after the electorate delivered their verdict on the last five years in which they have stumbled around the insoluble chaos of the tram project.

The project is a wrecking ball that destroys careers because it is so badly conceived it cannot be 'put' right and it will not 'turn out right' simply by pressing on regardless---only a complete overhaul and rethink from the ground up can save it...and save the city.

The mangled careers and reputations were sacrificied by clear eyed individuals, perhaps beguiled by Hubris in their belief they could make the impossible project work simply by saying it would; before being overtaken by Nemesis.  

The tram project doesn't only hold out the promise of more wrecked political careers however--it brings air pollution to residential streets and families who have no say in that and no clear knowledge as things stand.  The best thing the new administration (however it is formed) can do to avoid their own visit from the avenging angel Nemesis, and the more improtant Health and mortality effects they will visit on the people who live in the city will be to put the blighyted project on hold in order to make the changes to it that are long overdue.

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