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A Childs Death in the Making?

on Mon, 07/09/2012 - 13:36

This link connects to a cyclist's blog and the question in the title above is his question.

Perhaps the council will try and pass the cyclist off as 'a Nimby'.... as they have with every other group, presumably they won't throw their other usual jibe of being 'pro car' as even they will may realise that one won't wash.

Perhaps they will accuse him of alarming the public and spreading misinformation.

Nor should he rely on the photographic evidence in his article to carry any weight at all--after all the Council's scientific department have ignored the evidence of their own eyes in assessing whether these vehicles (below) are travelling down the kerb in the parking bay line (as the Council used to say they did), travelling down the carriageway next to the cars (as the Council still say they are doing) or travelling down the middle of the road ( which the Council say they do not).

Because the closer to the kerb the lower the measured pollution figures and the further away the higher they are------  and of course they want them lower.



The fact is the more people that look more closely at this project the more the flaws will come to light.  




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